Joust and Melee

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Ranged Weaponry

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Gates Closed Mug and Rennaissance Megaphone Friendly Waves Saying Hello
So Many Rings Green and White Feathers Longbow Held The King and Queen Welcoming Everyone
Fey-Touched and a Seaman Kids With the Queen Catherine of Aragon A Jaunty Tune on the Mandolin Advertising
La La Posing Shield, Sword, and Stone Aiesha and Malachi Hanging With a Sword in the Stone Near the Empty Jousting Field
Calm Field Symmetry Furry Chair Feywood in the Woods
Surrounded by Brutal Dudes Not to be Trifled With Horned in Black The Wheel of Death Empty
Along Side the Horned Man Tower Above Shutters Open and Shut Posing WIth a Man in Bronze Armor
Fresh Flower Crown Reflected Brother and Sister Selfie at the Renn Fest Shops and Trees Constructed Vermin
Roaches In the Mug Little Dragon Long Haired Viking
Helmet Just a Bit Too Big Well Armored Smile Under the Helm Flower Crown and Cuirass
Jouster Heraldry Elephant Walking Strong Camel Rest Taking a Brief Rest
More Riders Camel Face Camel Walking Family Elephant Walk
Planning the Throw Launching the Ball Duck Faced Laura in a Hipsters Hat Orc and Smile
Those May Not Be His Real Teeth Some Idiot next to Jeremy Rams Head Matching Dresses
Red WIth Fancy Staff Red Wizard Hanging Colors Heavy Hammer