Right Wing Clip  Right Wing Clip Blue Touchs  Blue Touchs Black and Yellow  Black and Yellow Wings Up  Wings Up
Hibiscus in Shade and Light  Hibiscus in Shade and Light Pollen Aboard  Pollen Aboard DSC_6545  DSC_6545 DSC_6546  DSC_6546
DSC_6549  DSC_6549 DSC_6551  DSC_6551 DSC_6552  DSC_6552 DSC_6559  DSC_6559
DSC_6563  DSC_6563 DSC_6564  DSC_6564 DSC_6569  DSC_6569 DSC_6571  DSC_6571
DSC_6573  DSC_6573 DSC_6574  DSC_6574 DSC_6579  DSC_6579 DSC_6583  DSC_6583
DSC_6585  DSC_6585 DSC_6591  DSC_6591 DSC_6593  DSC_6593 DSC_6604  DSC_6604
DSC_6611  DSC_6611 DSC_6613  DSC_6613 DSC_6620  DSC_6620 DSC_6624  DSC_6624
Opening to the Sun  Opening to the Sun White Tips on Yellow  White Tips on Yellow Yellow in Green Needles  Yellow in Green Needles Brushed With Pink  Brushed With Pink
DSC_6640  DSC_6640 DSC_6641  DSC_6641 DSC_6646  DSC_6646 DSC_6649  DSC_6649
DSC_6650  DSC_6650 DSC_6651  DSC_6651