Lion on Red Fleur De Lis Pirates and Assassin Post Carry
Basket of Roses Helmet and Shield Kids in the Crowd Welcoming the Crowd
Motivating the Cheer for Suleiman Royals Enjoying the Joust Waving to the Crowd Commanding
Suleiman With Lance High Multicolored Tail Point Taken Caught the Ring on the Red and White
Suleiman Catching the Ring on a Gallup Eyes on the Prize Galloping Hard Watching the Ring
Standing Tall in Black and Yellow Caught Both Rings Horse Heads on the Barding Red Cross
Readying Sword Blade Rides Spears Through Hoops Sword Giver
Sword Point Suleiman in Green and Yellow Sword Forward Trot
Armored Up Atop the Horse and Ready to Ride Happy Rider Knocking it Down
Into the Hay Accepting a Favor Rose Gift Commanding Rose
Four Riders With Lances Up Wheeling Impacting Reeling Back
On the Attack Launch Grille Over Face Shield Held Out
Letting Go Swords Crossed Parried Low Parry
Suleiman Walk Chariot Riding Two Horse Driver Driving Hard
Holding On Reverse Hold Sword Versus Short Halberd The Dance of Steel
Head Banging Axe and Favor Falling Another One Down
Negotiating Displeased Live to Fight Again