Loading the Japanese Yumi Loosing an Arrow From the Yumi Drawing Back Making a Point
Flint Lock Pistol Firing Matchlock Muzzle Loader Held Up For the Crowd Smile Break Yellow Gloves
Dumping Powder Down Muzzle Up Much Smoke After Fire Flash in the Pan
Small Blunderbuss Held High Shouldering the Blunderbuss White Smoke Showing Off the Little Cap and Ball Single Shot Pistol
Readying the Matchlock All Hail the Crossbow Preparing for the Contest Longbow in Hand
Bolt in Mouth Inspecting the Match Everyone Firing Quick Load
Loosing a Quarrel Quick Knock Aiming Well Touch and Go
Foot Anchored Freshly Fired Drawing Back the Crossbow Archer Finished, Watching the Crossbowman
Priming the an Priming the Pan Retrieval