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Sitting and Drinking  Sitting and Drinking Furry Walking on By  Furry Walking on By Link and Friend  Link and Friend Waldo Found  Waldo Found
Encampment Tent  Encampment Tent A Feather in His Cap  A Feather in His Cap Snarky Headstones  Snarky Headstones Signs of the Times  Signs of the Times
Church in the Woods  Church in the Woods Tower of Wood  Tower of Wood Friendly Cooking Demonstration  Friendly Cooking Demonstration Veteran Pikeman  Veteran Pikeman
Pike in Fighting Stance  Pike in Fighting Stance Guarding  Guarding Green Ring  Green Ring Great Couple  Great Couple
Sweet Nuts  Sweet Nuts Feeding the Hungry  Feeding the Hungry Whirling Dancer  Whirling Dancer Dancing Fox  Dancing Fox
Sly Look and Pose  Sly Look and Pose This is a Sign  This is a Sign