Lances Waiting  Lances Waiting Red Hat  Red Hat A Veteran Knight  A Veteran Knight Duo  Duo
Bright Standard  Bright Standard Game Face On  Game Face On Cylinder Attack  Cylinder Attack Sword Up  Sword Up
Precision Grip  Precision Grip Held High  Held High Well Armored Hands  Well Armored Hands Reaching Leg  Reaching Leg
Sword in Hand  Sword in Hand Full Swing  Full Swing Contact  Contact Leading With the Point  Leading With the Point
Successful Hit  Successful Hit Red Hat, Grey Beard  Red Hat, Grey Beard Helmed With Assistance  Helmed With Assistance Knight Back  Knight Back
Red and Yellow Plumes  Red and Yellow Plumes The Riders Attack  The Riders Attack Lance High  Lance High Lance Out of Hand  Lance Out of Hand
Red and White  Red and White Snapped  Snapped Armload  Armload High Standards  High Standards
Hands Full of Lances  Hands Full of Lances Two and a Smile  Two and a Smile The Knights Emerge  The Knights Emerge Checkered  Checkered
Sword Swinger  Sword Swinger Sitting Regal  Sitting Regal Satisfied Look  Satisfied Look Hard Face, Leather Glove  Hard Face, Leather Glove
Backhand  Backhand Facing the Business End  Facing the Business End Long Lance  Long Lance The Hand Off  The Hand Off