Sewing Guidance Dress of the Era Useful Goods Fighting Men of the South
Big Skillet Cooking Bars and Stars Flag of a Unit of Confederate Irish Americans Portrait Studio
Cannon Education Box Father and Daughter Friendly Smiles Pulled by Horses
3rd MD Infantry Camp Uniform and Longarm at Rest Making a Flash Simple Camera
Line of Rebels on the March Starting to Form Up Brown and Grey Taking the Grey
On the Move Once More Tower and Cannon Unmanned Artillery Stacked
Ramming In Cannon Ammo Samples Discussing the Finer Points of Civil War Artillery Well Dressed in Blue
Two Stars Sword Resting Sabre Out Preparing to Fire
First Blast How to Turn a Cannon Into a Giant Shotgun Artillery Crew at Work Biting the Cartridge
Smoke and Flame Firing at the Approaching Yankees Tightly Packed in the Haze Firing From the Second Rank
Crew Casualty Forward Rank Firing a Volley Reload Men at the Fence
Readying to Move Educating Us on Skirmisher Tactics Kneeled Shots Light Cover
Grabbing More Ammunition Taking a Hit Broad Black Hat Defenders Sending Death
Reinforcements Arrive Prone Aim Finding Targets Firing Line
Before the Flags Lonely Cannon Bright Shirt Getting Low
Muzzle Loading Smoke and Paper Cartridge Debris Preparing for a Flank Attempt Looking Back
The Haze of Walking Fire Pistols Out Pistol Fire Unleashed Cocked for Another Shot
Ready to Take on Chargers Moving Forward on the Flank Looking for an Advantage Creeping Officer
Considering Their Next Move Primer Popped Hit Tending to the Fallen
Moving Quickly to Give Aid Fire Among the Fallen Tactician Talk Against the Fence
Covering Retreat Firing Into the Retreat Giving Chase Shouting Orders
On Their Heels Post Battle Walk Safety Discharge Men of the Union Army
Lady of the Confederacy Bearing the Flag of a Confederate MD Regiment Posing With the Cannon Post Battle Shake
Union Warrior 1st North Carolina Battery C Encampment Red Lantern