Our first year attending the state fair. The kids loved the Zero Gravity and Starship 4000 rides.
Construction Equipment for Sale  Construction Equipment for Sale Pig in a Pen  Pig in a Pen Carved Raven Face  Carved Raven Face A Boat of Wood  A Boat of Wood
Row of Cows  Row of Cows The Hofbrahaus Funhaus  The Hofbrahaus Funhaus Eats on the Midway  Eats on the Midway So Much Beer  So Much Beer
Colorful Booths  Colorful Booths Running Water  Running Water Shiny Android  Shiny Android The Starship 4000 Ready for Takeoff  The Starship 4000 Ready for Takeoff
The Zero Gravity Tilted  The Zero Gravity Tilted Fireball Loop  Fireball Loop At the Apex of the Fireball  At the Apex of the Fireball Like Bats  Like Bats
Tornado At Rest  Tornado At Rest The Tall Landslide  The Tall Landslide Kids Arms Up  Kids Arms Up Crazy Bus Being Sane  Crazy Bus Being Sane
Orient Express Towers  Orient Express Towers Dragon Head  Dragon Head Red Point on the Carousel  Red Point on the Carousel Number 13  Number 13
Colorful Cover  Colorful Cover Airborne Elephants  Airborne Elephants Top of the Super Shot Tower Ready to Drop  Top of the Super Shot Tower Ready to Drop Big Ferris Wheel  Big Ferris Wheel
The Zipper Zipping  The Zipper Zipping Falling  Falling Cold Fare  Cold Fare Pirate and Pirate Youth  Pirate and Pirate Youth
Wheel in the Middle  Wheel in the Middle Smiling Equipment  Smiling Equipment Swing Down  Swing Down Swing Up  Swing Up
Decorated Musik Express  Decorated Musik Express Supernova Spinning Wild  Supernova Spinning Wild Rasta Banana Baby  Rasta Banana Baby The Extreme Spinning  The Extreme Spinning
Air Claw  Air Claw Fireball Riders  Fireball Riders Row of Horses  Row of Horses Golden Eagle  Golden Eagle
Well Sculpted Sand  Well Sculpted Sand Superbowl Champs  Superbowl Champs Fancy Raven  Fancy Raven Ravens Logo in Sand  Ravens Logo in Sand
Colorful Monkey Maze  Colorful Monkey Maze So Many Monkeys  So Many Monkeys Wobbly Helicopter  Wobbly Helicopter Chainsaw Carver  Chainsaw Carver
Tracks and Wires  Tracks and Wires Heading Towards Hunt Valley  Heading Towards Hunt Valley