Fireflies Pedicabs on the Move Fireflies by Cai Guo-Qiang Ferrying Folks on a Fine Night Lined Up The Herd by Kelley Bell
View of The Herd Looking Out Towards Pier 6 Smiling Herd Looking Down the Maw of Octopus by Scofield, Miller, and Dalenkoff Waving and Reaching
Colors of the Sea Octopus Arms Flexing Powerful Performance Art Piece on Slavery in Baltimore Making a Statement
Underneath the Whale Ghost by Pitaya Whale Ghost Glowing Blue and Green Harbor Memory by XXS Group Illuminated Rods
Dogs and Stars Mmmm Donut A Lit Panda Fascinated Riders
Bedlam Brass Passing Through Flaring Pink and Purple Garish Hues As of a Now by Elissa Blount-Moorhead
Vinyl and Bellbottoms Strings of Blue on What Lies Beneath by Formstone Castle Sea Creatures Shadow in the Light Like Crystals
Bubbles and Motes