Aiming With Instruction  Aiming With Instruction Learning the Old Ways  Learning the Old Ways Leaning Into It  Leaning Into It Orange Dominates  Orange Dominates
Light Surrounding Dark  Light Surrounding Dark Horse on Front  Horse on Front Leather and Paint  Leather and Paint Shaul Dancers Spinning  Shaul Dancers Spinning
At the Ready  At the Ready Turtle Shell Rattlers  Turtle Shell Rattlers A Sort of Furry Convention  A Sort of Furry Convention Totem Mask  Totem Mask
Raime Clutching Her New Toy  Raime Clutching Her New Toy Alex About to Launch an Accurate Arrow  Alex About to Launch an Accurate Arrow Loosing an Arrow  Loosing an Arrow Traditional Dance Outfit  Traditional Dance Outfit
Bright Colors All Together  Bright Colors All Together Streamers Flying  Streamers Flying Pelt and Stomp  Pelt and Stomp Traditional and Fancy  Traditional and Fancy
Two Mohawk Styles  Two Mohawk Styles Bells Jangling  Bells Jangling Stripes and Feathers  Stripes and Feathers Yellow Pattern  Yellow Pattern
Fancy Dress  Fancy Dress Majestic Pose  Majestic Pose Preparing for the Dance  Preparing for the Dance Dayglo  Dayglo
Bandana  Bandana Watching Patiently  Watching Patiently Shield Up  Shield Up Red Vest  Red Vest
Hop Stepping  Hop Stepping Turning Around  Turning Around Stomping  Stomping Bright Movements  Bright Movements
In the Air  In the Air Streamers Up  Streamers Up Spread  Spread One Down, One Spread  One Down, One Spread
Dayglo Orange Apparent  Dayglo Orange Apparent Like Launching Neon Tentacles  Like Launching Neon Tentacles Feathered Halo  Feathered Halo Knee Up  Knee Up
Blur of Colors  Blur of Colors Traditionally Attired  Traditionally Attired Smiling at a Young Friend  Smiling at a Young Friend Colorful Shield  Colorful Shield
Standing Tall  Standing Tall Paw Prints  Paw Prints Red, Yellow, Blue  Red, Yellow, Blue Bright Fancy Colors  Bright Fancy Colors
Blue and Green  Blue and Green Looking Ready  Looking Ready A Whirl of Streamers  A Whirl of Streamers Bells Jingle  Bells Jingle
Hand Raised  Hand Raised Cool Hairpiece  Cool Hairpiece Fluttering  Fluttering Shiny Colors  Shiny Colors
Three Prong  Three Prong In White  In White Getting Started on the Dance  Getting Started on the Dance Dipping  Dipping
Under a Watchful Eye  Under a Watchful Eye Stomping Down  Stomping Down American Flag Patterns  American Flag Patterns Smiling Judge  Smiling Judge
Star on Front  Star on Front Bright Headgear  Bright Headgear In Red  In Red Bright Blue  Bright Blue
Yellow Boots and Big Smile  Yellow Boots and Big Smile Little Steps  Little Steps Beads Flying  Beads Flying Hopping Dance  Hopping Dance
Crosses  Crosses Lifting Up  Lifting Up Feathers Fanned Out  Feathers Fanned Out Sparkling White Top  Sparkling White Top
Bowing  Bowing Moving in a Circle  Moving in a Circle Placing the Hoops  Placing the Hoops Single Hoop  Single Hoop
Three on the Back  Three on the Back In His Teerth  In His Teerth Worlds in His Hands  Worlds in His Hands Spinning Worlds  Spinning Worlds
Hoop Raised  Hoop Raised