6 PounderNEW Artillerymans ViewNEW Artillery Ammo CarrierNEW Military Men Practicing Their DrillNEW
EncampmentNEW The Old Guard of the Presidential Salute BatteryNEW US Army MarkedNEW Clear Blue SkiesNEW
Precision MovementsNEW Marching With M1903sNEW Chesapeake Inependent BluesNEW Muster at RestNEW
Band PlayingNEW Drums in TimeNEW Fife and Drum in TuneNEW Feather and SabreNEW
WWI FineryNEW FifersNEW Feet OutNEW Nurse GarbNEW
MD MilitiamenNEW Troops in the CourtyardNEW Hanging BladeNEW Red PuffsNEW
Coats of RedNEW Wheeling AroundNEW AttentionNEW Blade OutNEW
Hats OffNEW Eyes FrontNEW Off to the SideNEW Tall HatsNEW
Moving OutNEW Flag FoldersNEW Size DifferenceNEW Catching the WindNEW
Honoring the FlagNEW Glorious Old GloryNEW RamrodsNEW ReplacingNEW
Near the FlagpoleNEW Small UnitNEW Troop BacksNEW Uniform DifferencesNEW
In ReviewNEW Marching BlockNEW Musicians LeadNEW Flag Above the Sally PortNEW
RiflemenNEW Women Providing Important Logistic SupportNEW Early 19th Century GamesNEW Family TentNEW
Played With MarblesNEW On the March OutwardNEW Marching BandNEW Officer LedNEW
Flag and BayonetNEW Bringing Up the RearNEW Artillery MaintenanceNEW Caisson HaulerNEW
Pipe in MouthNEW Marine Narrating the Firing DrillNEW Red SashNEW Getting Into PositionNEW
Stepping ForwardNEW Ramming HomeNEW Sighting the TargetNEW Long SpyglassNEW
Starting to LoadNEW Cannon FireNEW Through the CheeseNEW Smoke and FlamesNEW
Sending FireNEW Block of MusketryNEW Sabre HeldNEW Taking AimNEW
Black Powder SmokeNEW Military ArrayNEW AnticipatingNEW Face SmokeNEW
ReloadingNEW Muzzles UpNEW Burst and Smoke CloudsNEW Cartridge Bites and AimingNEW
Arms FoldedNEW Red CuffsNEW Moving ForwardNEW Solid LineNEW
Preparing to Fire AgainNEW Yellow CordNEW Fog of WarNEW Forward MarchNEW
White on TopNEW Three LinesNEW Brass PlatesNEW Heading Back to the FortNEW
Bayonets UpNEW WWI ReenactorNEW Crafted in 1903NEW