6 Pounder Artillerymans View Artillery Ammo Carrier Military Men Practicing Their Drill
Encampment The Old Guard of the Presidential Salute Battery US Army Marked Clear Blue Skies
Precision Movements Marching With M1903s Chesapeake Inependent Blues Muster at Rest
Band Playing Drums in Time Fife and Drum in Tune Feather and Sabre
WWI Finery Fifers Feet Out Nurse Garb
MD Militiamen Troops in the Courtyard Hanging Blade Red Puffs
Coats of Red Wheeling Around Attention Blade Out
Hats Off Eyes Front Off to the Side Tall Hats
Moving Out Flag Folders Size Difference Catching the Wind
Honoring the Flag Glorious Old Glory Ramrods Replacing
Near the Flagpole Small Unit Troop Backs Uniform Differences
In Review Marching Block Musicians Lead Flag Above the Sally Port
Riflemen Women Providing Important Logistic Support Early 19th Century Games Family Tent
Played With Marbles On the March Outward Marching Band Officer Led
Flag and Bayonet Bringing Up the Rear Artillery Maintenance Caisson Hauler
Pipe in Mouth Marine Narrating the Firing Drill Red Sash Getting Into Position
Stepping Forward Ramming Home Sighting the Target Long Spyglass
Starting to Load Cannon Fire Through the Cheese Smoke and Flames
Sending Fire Block of Musketry Sabre Held Taking Aim
Black Powder Smoke Military Array Anticipating Face Smoke
Reloading Muzzles Up Burst and Smoke Clouds Cartridge Bites and Aiming
Arms Folded Red Cuffs Moving Forward Solid Line
Preparing to Fire Again Yellow Cord Fog of War Forward March
White on Top Three Lines Brass Plates Heading Back to the Fort
Bayonets Up WWI Reenactor Crafted in 1903