Posed Before the PerformanceNEW Happy FaceNEW Phaan Posing With the LionsNEW Split and Arms UpNEW
Got that Lion ShakeNEW Way UpNEW Golden TurnNEW Red LionNEW
Marching TallNEW Tall Red LionNEW Flying BeardNEW Feet Off of the GroundNEW
Mouth Open on the StairsNEW Back FlippingNEW Arms Out SplitNEW Full Split DownNEW
High FootNEW Hand SpinNEW Finishing PoseNEW Cymbals and DrumsNEW
Shining Head OrbNEW Glowing EyesNEW Red and YellowNEW At AttentionNEW
Two Tall LionsNEW Catching the SunNEW Head BowedNEW Stepping UpNEW
Between the ColumnsNEW Clearing the LionNEW Flying KickNEW Flying Kick Over Two LionsNEW
Leg HorizontalNEW Hands on ShoesNEW FistNEW Arm BackNEW
Leaping FistsNEW Flying ChainNEW Beind the BackNEW Hand BlocksNEW
ReversedNEW Spinning in AirNEW Crossed and DownNEW Low FormNEW
Staff Versus LionNEW Staff HighNEW Mouth OpenNEW Sword BackNEW
Gotta Get AwayNEW Leap AttackNEW RollingNEW Staff SpinNEW
Twisting SticksNEW Four Lions TogetherNEW Four Tall LionsNEW One Up and Three DownNEW