Posed Before the Performance
1 Posed Before the Performance
Happy Face
2 Happy Face
Phaan Posing With the Lions
3 Phaan Posing With the Lions
Split and Arms Up
4 Split and Arms Up
Got that Lion Shake
5 Got that Lion Shake
Way Up
6 Way Up
Golden Turn
7 Golden Turn
Red Lion
8 Red Lion
Marching Tall
9 Marching Tall
Tall Red Lion
10 Tall Red Lion
Flying Beard
11 Flying Beard
Feet Off of the Ground
12 Feet Off of the Ground
Mouth Open on the Stairs
13 Mouth Open on the Stairs
Back Flipping
14 Back Flipping
Arms Out Split
15 Arms Out Split
Full Split Down
16 Full Split Down
High Foot
17 High Foot
Hand Spin
18 Hand Spin
Finishing Pose
19 Finishing Pose
Cymbals and Drums
20 Cymbals and Drums
Shining Head Orb
21 Shining Head Orb
Glowing Eyes
22 Glowing Eyes
Red and Yellow
23 Red and Yellow
At Attention
24 At Attention
Two Tall Lions
25 Two Tall Lions
Catching the Sun
26 Catching the Sun
Head Bowed
27 Head Bowed
Stepping Up
28 Stepping Up
Between the Columns
29 Between the Columns
Clearing the Lion
30 Clearing the Lion
Flying Kick
31 Flying Kick
Flying Kick Over Two Lions
32 Flying Kick Over Two Lions
Leg Horizontal
33 Leg Horizontal
Hands on Shoes
34 Hands on Shoes
35 Fist
Arm Back
36 Arm Back
Leaping Fists
37 Leaping Fists
Flying Chain
38 Flying Chain
Beind the Back
39 Beind the Back
Hand Blocks
40 Hand Blocks
41 Reversed
Spinning in Air
42 Spinning in Air
Crossed and Down
43 Crossed and Down
Low Form
44 Low Form
Staff Versus Lion
45 Staff Versus Lion
Staff High
46 Staff High
Mouth Open
47 Mouth Open
Sword Back
48 Sword Back
Gotta Get Away
49 Gotta Get Away
Leap Attack
50 Leap Attack
51 Rolling
Staff Spin
52 Staff Spin
Twisting Sticks
53 Twisting Sticks
Four Lions Together
54 Four Lions Together
Four Tall Lions
55 Four Tall Lions
One Up and Three Down
56 One Up and Three Down