Purple Tie At the Throat Against the Bamboo Growth Draw Discussion
Blade Shadow From Above Hand on the Kashira Drawn First
Gripped Mirrored Practice Down to Neck Attack Line
Swing Step Tip to Tip The Return Happy Observation
Stopping Unleashed Attack Yell Placement Instruction
Eyes Locked, Careful Cut From on High Little Steps Wide Steps
Finishing Blow Shine Reflected Pattern Ending the Form
Held Out Aimed Clean Through Falling Away
Horizontal Attack Mat Explosion Cloud of Mat Detritus Swing for the Top
From the Right Clean Diagonal Top Gone Overhead Attack
Explaining Draw Cuts Concentration Drawn and Severed Against the Floppy Mat
Sliced Through Perfect Cut Admiring Her Handiwork Nice Angle
Falling Apart Admiring the Steel Smiling Swordswoman Cutting to the Sky
Caught Swinging In Roll Fall Upward Cut and Pull
Mat Off Separating Getting it Airborne Side Approach
Contact Frayed Falling Away Right Through Attack Face
Attach Success Showing Technique One Handed Back Swing Blade Passes Through
Soaked Mats Popped Off Two Swordsmen and a Kid Going Low
Draw Swing Delivery Catching the Light Twist The Hare Stare
Breaking It Down Teaching Some Pork Pie Hatted Moron (Shot by Malachi) Sword Up and Ready (Shot by Malachi) Sword Through (Shot by Malachi)
Old Dog Learns New Trick (Shot by Malachi) Feeling the Leftovers Deep Cut Yellow on Blue
Piled From Low Chunks Gone Horizontal Hold
Ending Stance Parting Bow Bamboo Pattern Cleaning and Polishing
For Hyrule Post Class Clean Open Tsuba Wrapped in Green
Swirling Clouds Tip Rested