Pink Tipped Burst
1 Pink Tipped Burst
Like Red Laser Blasts
2 Like Red Laser Blasts
Sparkle Burst
3 Sparkle Burst
Tinsel Lines
4 Tinsel Lines
Sparks Fly From the Table
5 Sparks Fly From the Table
Shower Saw
6 Shower Saw
White Swords of Flame
7 White Swords of Flame
Shiny Ball Shower
8 Shiny Ball Shower
Fleeing Red
9 Fleeing Red
Light Dust
10 Light Dust
11 Spraying
Lighting the Night
12 Lighting the Night
Triple Bursts
13 Triple Bursts
Bits of Violet Mixed in
14 Bits of Violet Mixed in
Pink-Red Star
15 Pink-Red Star
Multiple Burst Clusters
16 Multiple Burst Clusters
17 Streaking
Bright Red
18 Bright Red
Red Eye
19 Red Eye
Like Flowers
20 Like Flowers
21 Spread