Hershey Park 2018

Statue of Milton Hershey Starship Labeled Three Spacecraft Staggered
Fun in Ships Smiles and Stars Having a Laugh Ready to Walk On
Starship America 2019 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport Fiery Orange On the Scrambler
Twisting on the Great Bear Heading Up on Skyrush Everybody Do the Twist In Half
Over the Hill Upside Down 8th Graders on the Sooper Dooper Looper Making the Loop Hanging Colors
Fruited Kids Lines and Trees Drop Tea Pot Tipped
Smiling Teacups Energetic Spin Cool Shades Seeking a Meal
The Rising Triple Towers Frog Hoppers for the Little Ones Color Rich BBlz Happy to Conquer the Tallest Tower
To the Top Fast Drop Holding On The Number Two Monorail Train
Moving Map Reader Finished the Trailblazer Up
Flattened View of the Storm Runner Cobra Loop Hanging On Wind Catcher Waiting
Heading Into a Loop on the Sidewinder Riding the Big Sidewinder Loop Ratcheting Upwards Quickly Down
8th Graders Ready to Ride the Storm Holding On Hang Loose Two Waves
Ready to Launch Gone in the Blink of an Eye Grouped Together Up the Slope
Three Friends Twisted Lines Staircase and Time York and Jolly Rancher Dancing
Hands Up Making Moves Stance The Band Played On
Sound of the Brass Nutrageous Dance In the Air The Jolliest of Ranchers
Coordinated Dropping the Bass Sounds Long Slide Carousel Topped With Americas Colors
Posing Outside of the Chocolate World Peace Outside of the Chocolate World