Carrie Murray Nature Center 2018

Woodpecker Skulls DSC_9836 Made Chair Big Black Widow
DSC_9853 DSC_9856 DSC_9863 DSC_9866
Green Growth Trees and Pavilion DSC_9877 On the Flat Stones
DSC_9893 Class Together in the Water Wheel Pit Wheel at Rest Off and Running
DSC_9919 Fungal Bloom Leading Her Pack Open and Shutters
DSC_9941 DSC_9944 DSC_9948 DSC_9954
DSC_9961 DSC_9963 DSC_9965 DSC_9966
Gazebo Under Trees DSC_9973 Dappled Light Translucent
Wooden People and Wooden Houses Dirt For Siding Contained Sweetgum Spiked Balls Bound to Blue
Folllowing Red Lines Dark Star Critter Pottery Feeding Birds
DSC_0016 Held Black Rat Snake Observing From the Cage Screech Owl Screeching
Perched and Being Heard Bearded Dragon Looking Up Large Toad Milkweed Clusters
Big Green Mantid Posing Grey Squirrel