Administrative Building From the Trees Preble Hall in the Bright Sunlight Cannon From the Spanish-American War Feather in His Cap
Old Glory Flies Brass Cannon Outside of Larson Hall Larson Hall Through the Trees Dome on the Chapel
Heavy Anchor Down Towards the Altar Shattered Vessel Candle Marking the Pew For Missing Sailors
Rising Pipes of the Chapel Organ Circle Above Pipes Blue Railings Suspended Sailing SHip
Jesus Walking on the Water Above the Altar Mortar Captures at Manila in the Spanish American War Looking Down the Bore of a Mortar Marbled Crypt of John Paul Jones
Naval Hero Honored in Death Gazebo in Shadow and Light Herndon Monument Tipped With Gold
Hundredth Anniversary Dedication Main Naval Academy Chapel Wreathed in Branches Gold on Green Bench Wrapped in Cannons
Tecumseh Figurehead Standing Proudly Looking to Bancroft Hall Honoring the 100th Anniversary of the USN Submarine Force Dolphins and Submariners
Japanese Torpedo From WWII Torpedo Lean Shell From a Battleship Gun Expansive Dahlgren Hall
Skis and Controls Naval Wright Brothers Plane Replica Teaching Ship Long Floor
Posing by the Bill the Goat Statue Head First Navy Stars Bill Out Front
Memorial to Commodore John Barry